Why You Think The Net Was Born?

Had a chance to pop by Craig and Cheryl’s last night for dinner and ’24’, both of which were quite good. Samantha, who some of you remember from this old post, is my new best friend. We’ve always gotten along but, for some reason, I now seem to make her laugh whenever I see her. She even ran upstairs yesterday to get her little brother Justin to “come see Rick”, which he did. He’s super cute because he’s grown two bottom teeth in the centre, and two top teeth as little fangs, so his mouth fits together like a little puzzle. They’ve promised me some new updated pictures shortly, and when I get them, I’ll put’em up.

Oh, and before I go, ‘Lost’ fans check out this well-researched theory. I suppose it could contain spoilers, but not based on anything publicized, that’s for sure: The Ultimate Theory

Today’s Random Links
Pigs are smarter than dogs and every bit as friendly..
Volcanic Golf.. I got 4,050 points to level 17
Motorist v Courier, courtesy of Cliff
PETA is just plain weird..

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