Blowing Through the Jasmine

This past weekend was Network Wars 11, and almost nobody could believe we were already at our 11th LAN party. Nerdy? Yes! Fun? Yes! Paul, Mark, and I were threatened with bad things if we were to forgo gaming for guitar, and we stuck to the script more than the others, truth be told. However, we still managed to get some playing in. Better yet, our goal of playing “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Croft all the way through became realized late Saturday. It was LEGENDARY. Classic song, and it shall be the first recorded track when this place gets turned into a studio in time.

Question for everyone – who here has an MP3 player, which one is it, and are you happy with it? I’m in the market very shortly for one and I’m leaning on the iPod Video 30GB. None of them seem to come with AM radio, which I’d use, and the iPod seems to be the popular choice. I use iTunes on this computer and I’m in love with podcasts, so it might be the best selection. Thoughts?


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One thought on “Blowing Through the Jasmine

  1. Summer Breeze! Nice!
    Seeing as how I haven’t had a computer to bring, I’ve felt left out at the parties. But now that I have a guitar in Canada, I’m dying to actually play in the same room as another human being, as opposed to only playing along with the radio or MTV.
    Let me know when the next yam session occurs. I might be able to be there.

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