Orbs from Borg?

Since Julie so enjoyed my last two eBay items I figured she might get a kick out of this keen Star Trek Universal Remote Control, although I imagine a few of my male readers will enjoy it just a bit more. Does Mikey read this site? :)

Something tells me there are a lot of geeks being “beamed up”, what with almost 4,000 auction views thus far…


4 thoughts on “Orbs from Borg?

  1. Does the cleavage come with it? He he.

  2. gotta love a remote control with a nice set of… knobs.

  3. Woah, I was totally unprepared for that! I bet that remote wouldn’t be lost in the cushions…if the boobies come with it, of course.

  4. Actually, it would appear to already be lost in the cushions…..

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