Monday Mission 3.04

Thanks to Rob for taking care of this in my abscence last week, but alas, I return and do this one my own darn self. Props to PromoGuy for providing this every week.

1. Do you care for poetry? Do you have a favorite poem? Care to share some of it?
I don’t write poetry so much as I used to write a lot of songs. The creative waned years ago for reasons I don’t plan on going into here, but the songs remain. I do think that, at a young age, I did have a handle on how to write a deep set of lyrics. Here’s my favourite, written in 1996:

What’s on my mind? What’s left to be said?
My ears have long since tired of the problems in my head
Can I please sign off my fears along this dark line…
A life of lies has plagued me for longer than I care to share with you
You don’t care about me but that’s okay ’cause I could care less too.
When was the time when I ceased to believe
That dreaming brought not what we want but gave just what we need?
Could I please find some solace in what is not mine?
A life of lies has plagued me for longer than I care to share with you
You don’t care about me but that’s okay ’cause I could care less too.
You may find I’m different from pen to page and mouth to ear
I’d like to be as flippant as you were when you said you could not hear

2. What does it take to “rock your world?”
A song so good you have to close your eyes to hear it.

3. Have you ever done anything that landed you in financial trouble? Has somebody else’s action ever caused you financial ruin? What happened?
Not entirely. Just about my entire life has been one big financial trouble, although I say that with a certain lack of seriousness. I have a house, I have a car, and I eat every day, so things are ok. This last year has been extremely tough as I’ve attempted to succeed on my own in an economy that wasn’t helpful towards that cause. Things have recently begun to look more positive, but you never know.

4. Take a stroll down memory lane. There is a song, that every time you hear it, you think of this one person. What’s the song, who is the person, and what memories does it conjure up?
Oh, far too many to mention. I have a song for just about every instance of my life, but the one single song that will always stand out would be ‘Radio King’ by Golden Smog. Prior to settling down as a married man I took a cruise with three friends where I met a french girl named Julie, and we pretty much immediately hit it off. For six days we were the best of friends, and to this day she remains one of only two girls I’ve ever sung to (the other being Mrs. Jessup). We sat out under the stars on the front of the SS Norway and, for no good reason, I broke out into singing this song. The moment has always been there, and I’m guessing always will be.

5. Are there any occasions when you feel like you are missing out on something that everyone else seems to enjoy?
Just about every song you’ll ever hear on the radio. I’m an odd specimen and I’m nothing if not my own person, so just about everything you listen to or watch is completely lost on me. Sitcoms, for instance.

6. What phrases “push your buttons” and why?
“Please and thank you.” Didn’t give me much of a chance to tell you to shove it, did ya?

7. Do you believe in life after death? What do you believe happens when our time is up?
I’m a nice, God-fearing, church-going religious boy so I’m pretty much all over the Biblical idea of what happens. Alas, we shall never know until it’s too late to share with friends.


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