Hooray for Men!

You boys done good, lots of excellent posts over the last few days and no lack of discussion material for the masses. When the new site to replace this one launches in the near future I’m thinking it might be an idea to include a second blog for all these boy-eez to talk the talk and walk the walk. You can’t deny the unmitigated entertainment present in a week’s worth of posts that include discussions on everything from La Linea to LeVar Burton to beating people with olive branches to “losing your smile”.

As for my time away, it was pretty cool. London is a great city, although my schedule left me no time to actually see it. Perhaps some other day I’ll make it back without having business to tend to and actually see the city. The only unfortunate element of the whole thing is the fact that London is FAR too expensive. Everything is insanely overpriced when the dollar is taken into account. To give you an idea, things are pretty much at par as here in Canada, with the slight exception that every pound costs $2.50 CDN.

Later I’ll have to go into the latest entries in Rick’s odd travel tales. It seems long distance travel has it out for me, and this trip was no exception. But all’s well that ends well, and I sit comfortably in my chair working now.

Special thanks to Kip, Rob, and Alex for their efforts this week in getting things humming here and helping keep the place fun to read. Y’all done great!


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