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Well, I certainly didn’t expect this whole experiment to turn into a discussion of those TV shows we all used to watch as kids, but this is fun. I believe I the single-line guy that Rob was referring to on the zonkboard was La Linea , (The Line), and I managed to find some pics here. As for LeVar Burton being the guy who showed the cartoons, I appear to have been mistaken. I think my brain substituted my memories of the actual guy with Mr. Burton.

Well, I’m at work and my break is almost over, so I’ve gotta keep this short. Might jump in later and add to this woefully lame post.

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2 thoughts on “Kip Blogs on Thursday

  1. La Linea dude – I was trying to think where I remembered it from. I asked my co-workers and friends about the show and they all looked at me like I was some kind of moron…moreso than usual. Anyhow…I checked with one other guy and he confirmed my suspicions – it was on CBC or TVOnatrio as filler inbetween shows like a 58 minutes or 28 minutes after the hour. I think TVO use to do that with Pingu – that’s how I discovered it. I think the french TVO also used this as filler. Funny stuff. Thanks for the post and link!

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