I thought about this the other day. I was looking at the local Metro newspaper going into a meeting and saw this photo.

End of day. Toronto. People rushing home. Every face. Glum. Expression-less. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been like this at times but more to do with thoughts — I guess all those thoughts about writing more for blogs. :-)

Anyway, it has become so utterly obvious. So many of us have found our lives so transformed by workplace policy — those casual Friday’s in some companies are perks to keep you working longer…trust me, I’ve heard it. Those shifted policies for FAMILY are subtle methods to bring work home…to blur the line.

The freedom to relax and think freely and creatively is dying a quick death. Sure, people can walk away. But it’s an addiction. If you’re addicted to information, you simply can’t unplug from the Matrix. While society exists to create supports and stability, sometimes one has to wonder if the expended resources can be put elsewhere for certain causes. The debate over marijuana, right to die, drug control rages on…along with gun control. Are they real issues? Depending on the individual.

It just seemed interesting…that photo. I was waiting for all the glum faces to turn into Munch’s famous SCREAM. People need to relax. As much as they can. I’ve found new spirited distractions since my departure from one company. It was a real eye-opener. I think some colleagues have been paramount in that transformation. I call it a personal PARADIGM SHIFT. Sure, with some changes, there were additional shifts. Some have obviously departed as my own map on the internet changed focus, but others have been extremely supportive. The best thing — I took courses and pushed the envelope on a few things — I found a passion to mentor, debate, and discuss. And a few said long ago that I could do something in that area. Of course, that old shell of non-action died a quiet death and I pursued writing…no, I am not talking about a Pulitzer Prize here, but I am talking about an outlet and a new enjoyment that I never saw, even if I always dwelled in futurescape.
So, people…try something different. Get out of that rut. I have a brother who does Yoga and other experiential activities that I would have NEVER EVER considered possible with him. He’s different than me and I think it’s great. Sure, I watch out for him but I am absolutely happy that he’s taken some new direction in his life and that I have helped in _some_ way. I love to motivate and encourage and inspire because the constant challenge and excitement of new things is what drives life. That is why my own map on the internet is mired in the world of innovation and technology.

People automatically write off the new iMac and it’s base/stem design. But the reality is that industrial designers, “engineers”, and ergonomic experts put countless hours of “thought” into a feature that no one else would dare spend time on. Do we want a world of sugar water or do we want to constantly push our envelopes and buttons and take things to the next level. This is the Power of Steve Jobs (squared!). And is the true essence of spirit and humanity. WITHOUT this basic condition, we would be nowhere today. We’d still be in caves and we probably would have never left the surly bonds of Earth. (actually, there are still some in caves who spend a great deal of time hating rather than realizing that the foes they are against have ADVANCED and it is because of their system of thought, that they have advanced — certainly a lot of the world’s creations have been made in one nation

Capture something people. It’s one life and it is limited. Do it within reason. If you have financial issues, take care of them. Don’t let commercial systems dominate your life and decisions. Solve the problem, and move forward. You’ll be amazed how renewed and refreshed you feel.

I am smiling again — for several reasons. A new place to call home. A new voice on the e-map. And lots of opportunity to meet and discuss ‘ideas’ with people because that is what I like to do. Collaborate. Talk business. And think. It’s me, and it definitely isn’t everyone. But I’ve tapped into it and I enjoy it.

Smile again and again. Buy McDonald’s.

Rick — sorry for the one post but I hope the length makes up for the week. And welcome back!



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