Monday Mission 2.46

Ok, so I missed a week – but c’mon, I’ve been doing better. Even though I’ve just cut my own hair into a nice stage 3 buzzcut and trimmed my new beard, I’ve decided the webcam is best faced out the window until that nice new blanket of snow melts. I LOVE winter, especially when I rarely have to drive anywhere. :) As always, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood PromoGuy.

1. When I was a teenager, I used to ride all the “spin-y” rides at the fair and fun parks. I’d never get dizzy or sick, and I could ride them all day. My favorite was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Now I should call it the “Tilt-A-Hurl” because it seems I can’t even get on a Merry-Go-Round without feeling queasy. Is there anything you used to be able to do physically that you no longer can? What changed?
Oh man, since I gained the weight back in 1999 there’s all sorts of things I can no longer do. One would seem to be sports, seeing as my return to softball this year resulted in a separated shoulder and torn ankle ligaments. But I’m proud to say that 15 lbs are off now and there are definitely more to come. I’m intent on being in shape for next season so I can get back out there and play like I used to. Heck, I’m 28, not 68.

2. If you could go to lunch with someone famous, anyone living or dead, who would you choose? What questions would you ask them?
Wow. It’s so hard to pick just one person. I’d love to meet Robert Schuller, Sr. because he’s made a huge difference in my life and I completely respect any television minister that can avoid a major scandal for 50+ years. Dead, probably Owen Hart. He was my favourite wrestler and his untimely death resulted in the only time I’ve cried in over 12 years, watching Raw the following night as his friends fought back tears to relay their memories.

3. On that same thought, there are probably several Bloggers you enjoy reading but have never met in real life. Which one Blogger would you most like to meet for dinner? Why did you pick that person? What would you talk about? What do you have in common? What would you do after dinner?
Probably have to be Chris Pirillo or Julie, no real preference. I’ve been a huge fan of Chris’ newsletter for years and have an outstanding offer to him and his wife to join me for dinner at the Keg Mansion if they ever make that trip to Toronto they’ve been talking about. Julie, I’d rather meet in New York where she is because I LOVE New York. :)

4. Money (or the lack thereof) is the number one cause of arguments amongst couples. Do you find this to be true? If there really was a “Money Tree” you could go an pick, would this really solve a couple’s problems?
I can certainly see how money can be a problem, but I also think society makes it too easy to make excuses in the present time. Money issues aren’t new to the World, but the levels of divorce are. “Til Death Do You Part” means exactly that, so no, I think if there was a Money Tree that people would find something else to blame their problems on.

5. Speaking of arguments, have you ever been drawn into any nasty, hateful arguments? The kind where hurtful things were said that had nothing to do with the fight at hand? What was that all about? How did it turn out?
Yeah, my friend Alex and I got into a useless e-mail war earlier this year that resulted in a one-month or so period of time that we refused to talk or acknowledge that each other was alive. It was over soon enough and it’s a distant memory now, but it comes to mind now and then.

6. When was the last time you had to admit you were wrong about something? How did that go?
Oh, I’ll admit I’m wrong all the time. Most people accuse me of thinking I’m always right, which makes sense because I find no logic in thinking I’m wrong. But when proven wrong, I’m the first to apologize. After all, I’m the guy that once told Rob that “MP3s will never amount to anything because you can’t use them for Windows sounds”. *sigh*

7. Now for a slight change of theme….what song should never have been written?
Oh man, there are so many. If I have to pick one, I pick “Hand In My Pocket” by Alanis Morissette. What an absolute waste of time that is. To paraphrase an ancient scholar .. “Worst. Album. Ever.” The girl plays harmonica like she’s an asthmatic that just ran the marathon. A close second would be “Ironic” by the same artist. You know what’s ironic? The fact that nothing in that song is. The stupid song should have been called “Bummer”, it would make more sense.


7 thoughts on “Monday Mission 2.46

  1. awww… i’m touched.
    i’d be more touched if meeting me wasn’t an excuse to visit the city. ; )

  2. No no! You misunderstand! I meant I’d rather meet you in NYC than you meet me in Toronto, not that it was an excuse to see the city. Ya gotta reread!! Pirillos in Toronto, Julie in NYC!

  3. So many bad Alanis songs, so little time.
    Personally, I don’t mind that she wants to live in the Bell Jar, I just wish she would stop writing songs while she’s there. Her tortured self absorbed and adolescent ramblings may look good to her on paper, but having to hear her “sing” them is unbearable. There’s so many cringe inducing moments of hers, like the line from You Oughta Know, “Do you think about me when you fuck her.” Or that song which is a letter to all her ex-boyfriends that’s devoid of rhyme, rhythmic structure or melody, “Unsent.”
    But, as far as I’m concerned, what really gives
    “Having My Baby” a run for worst song ever, is “Thank You,” which has the most unpoetic first line ever from any song. Ever. “How bout getting off these antibiotics?” She may as well said, “How bout passing me that six inch crescent wrench?” She’s the new Shakespear.
    What really drives me nuts about her is that she follows the early Joni Mitchell blueprint for songwriting. (hmm, another Canadian. isn’t it ironic? nope.) Meet a guy. Fall in love. Break up. And then write an entire album about how he’s the source of each and every one of your problems, in intimate detail.
    That poor guy from Van Wilder has no idea what he’s in for.

  4. i was kidding silly. =

  5. Wow! Someone that hates Alanis more than me! ;)
    I remember having a big crush on her during her fluff-pop days here in Canada many moons ago. She was purdy back then.
    “Never too hot, never too cold, take your best shot, too hot to hold…”

  6. She was purdy back then. I was watching a bio about her on Much the other day, and I had completely forgotten about the video where she “acted” with Matt LeBlanc, way before his Friends phase, and just after his Canadian Heinz ketchup commercial.

  7. Yeah, the video where she danced around the fountain and then he cheated on her and all that stuff like that there. Cool. YTV Hits was the best show. ;)

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