24 + 1

Kip said it better than I could:

“…this looks like it’s gonna be a good season. Hopefully the next 23 episodes are as good as they were last year, with the same sort of unexpected plot twists that come out of left field. Seriously, people. Watch this show.”

Did everyone catch the season premiere of 24 last night, aired without commercial interruption? As Kip notes in the comments of the previous post, much time was spent building some history over the passings of the last year through character conversation, but now that the base plot is set we can see things are moving right along. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t tune in at least once.

In other, far more important news, Wade Belak has demanded a trade. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!! Well then, who are the Leafs to not honour such a request? I mean, as much as we could use the ONE GOAL he scored ALL OF LAST SEASON. Yo! Belak! The problem is usually players require some form of a skill set before another team will offer up something for them. Seriously, I wouldn’t trade a Big Mac and a bag of pucks for this guy.


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