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A couple weeks back I expressed my disinterest with the WWE and their product, and Clive had tried to sway me back to the dark side. For anyone that doubted me before, I present to you a recap of a segment from last night’s WWE Raw broadcast. This should erase any questions of why I would give up on wrestling. Because it’s not wrestling. Taken from

Terri was stationed outside Kane’s locker room. She hoped to talk with him after the video aired. Meanwhile, Jonathan Coachman interviewed HHH, who said the video would prove Kane is not only a murderer, but a twisted psychopath as well. And then it aired. The video began with a warning that it contained offensive content and that viewer discretion was advised. It should have warned that the video would offend anyone with an IQ above that of a stalk of celery. It showed a funeral home chapel with a coffin. There was a female dummy in the coffin, supposedly Katie Vick. HHH came in, wearing a Kane mask and pretending to be Kane. He told Katie she looked better dead than alive. He blamed her for the accident, saying if she had just let him have his way with her, he wouldn’t have swerved off the road and crashed. He then began groping her breasts. This was sick and was getting sicker by the minute. He took off her bra and panties, and sniffed the panties. She was wearing a cheerleader outfit, by the way. One wonders what the WWE writing crew do in their spare time. And it got worse. HHH actually got inside the coffin and pretended to have sex with Katie as blissful music played and the camera focused on flowers and candles and other funeral chapel paraphenalia. After he “finished”, he reached inside the dummy’s head and pulled out a handful of mush, bragging that he screwed her brains out.

Any questions?

I *really* hope some stockholders bring this up at the next WWE shareholders meeting. The McMahons really need to explain how they can put this on television, and then produce more video games and action figures for the kids. Not only am I not watching this stuff anymore, but I swear to you if I had kids they wouldn’t be watching it either.


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  1. Wow!
    Who wrote that bit? What group in a WWE boardroom looked at the script and said “That’s the best idea we’ve been presented with this week, let’s go with it”? This is a company that markets its products to kids. Yes, they use disclaimers, but who’s fooling who? They clearly want kids to consume their material, and have absolutely no problem with kids coughing up $60 for a ticket to a live event. What do they end up presenting to these consumers? Necrophilia.
    Not that the “innocence of children” is quite as fragile as some adults say, but this pushes the taste envelope for all viewers, regardless of age.

  2. Rick,
    I think the major impetus within the WWE is to further distinguish the two brands by moving Raw to a more “soap opera” feel (athletics secondary) while Smackdown remains more athlete-focused. I can’t see how this is justified when the minute-by-minte TV ratings for the last year _clearly_ show that viewership goes DOWN when the talking starts.
    As for the bit itself last night, I did see it, although it appears TSN may have edited part of it out (how, I don’t know). I was flipping back and forward between RAW and the Leafs game (both blah), and didn’t see him crawl into the coffin or anything. Very disturbing. What I found interesting was that they had a warning before the segment about “this may be disturbing for some viewers”. That says to me that somewhere in the production of the piece someone voiced some doubts about the content. But I agree with you, I’d love to see Vince or Linda explain how this was a good piece to antsy shareholders (stock is at US$7).
    There are so many things wrong with the WWE now that this is just icing on the cake to me … although it is a new low in a year of lows.
    But the promise of a decent product still exists: guys like Edge, Eddy and Chavo, Rey, etc. have really picked up the slack and put on some amazing matches together. Add this to the already excellent Benoit, Angle, etc. and underutilized talent like William Regal – there is the potential for a great and entertaining package.
    But last night’s show was really the bottom of the barrell. What’s next? Bestiality? Incest? I don’t know how much further it can sink when necrophilia, rape, and murder have already been broached.
    Looking forward to the fallout.

  3. They tried incest years ago, when they teased a relationship between Ken and Ryan Shamrock. It ended when Russo bailed. From what I hear SmackDown does have some great wrestling, and being written by Heyman seems to be a good reason why it’s better, but between Survivor and CSI, alongside cooking school, I never have time to watch or initiative to tape.
    TSN definitely cut away last night when they realized where it was going, but American viewers got the whole shebang (so to speak). It’s really quite sick, I just hope Sportsnet runs hockey every week so I’ll have a good reason to stop tuning in.

  4. Ah, good memory Rick. Forgot about the Shamrock thing. I also think the “Torrie Wilson and her father” line is hinting at incest, but nothing obvious or apparent yet.
    Come back to the dark side Rick. Watch SmackDown on Thursday. You know you want to.

  5. Four more weeks of chef school and then I’m free, I’ll be sure to catch the late replay then.

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