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It finally happened. That fateful day my parents warned me about as a child.

I no longer care about wrestling.

That’s bad to say, I know, and there exists the slightest chance I could become interested again down the road. The problem is, the product has just outright sucked for far too long now. Now, they’ve decided to eliminate the storied Intercontinental Title, thus removing themselves from my peering eyes. The reasoning is simple – as a child, I was always small. I’m still only 5’8″, so not exactly a giant amongst men. I quickly became aware as a frail youngster that I stood no chance of being a Heavyweight champion due to my size, and began to emulate the smaller, quicker guys like Ricky Steamboat instead. They were all chasing the Intercontinental Title, as they were smaller, and because of this I deemed it my favourite one. Since Pat Patterson won the Title in a fake tournament on September 11, 1979 in Brazil (it was actually awarded to him here in Toronto) there have been 91 champions.

  • Jeff Jarrett held it the most times with six.
  • Pedro Morales held it the most days at 599.
  • Honky Tonk Man held it the most consecutive days with 454.

And now it’s gone, folded in with the former WCW World Heavyweight Championship. And that is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back – I’m done. Stupid Vince McMahon.


8 thoughts on “World What-EVER Entertainment

  1. Rick,
    Don’t say this. I looked to you as the only other sane person in this world who liked wrestling. Please don’t leave me all by myself.
    Did you watch Raw last night? If you didn’t, somehow find somebody who taped it and watch the final match. A 4 team tag-team TLC match-up. It was an absolute classic. One of the best matches I have EVER seen. Jericho was absolutely amazing. If you need something to renew your faith, watch this match.
    And this comes from a skeptic who prior to last night said to stick a fork in Raw and let it die.
    I’m back, you can be too.

  2. I did see the final moments of that match when I flipped over to TNN to watch CSI, and it did look good. But I also flipped over earlier in time to see William Regal in a showgirl outfit. The good just doesn’t outweigh the bad anymore, especially when it’s only this bad because they refuse to admit what’s causing the trouble. If they want to continue making up stupid storylines about people killing people because they want to be a soap opera, more power to them. I just won’t be around to watch it.
    I’ll probably check back with wrestling for the Royal Rumble, my favourite show of the year. Hopefully it’ll be better by then.

  3. Meh. Give it up Clive….(you just lost some coolness points for saying you liked wrestling). I say kudos to you Rick for coming to the dark side ;)
    But as a side note, I did see “Ready to Rumble” this past weekend and I laughed my ass off.

  4. Oh GOD that was an awful movie! Even WRESTLING fans didn’t like that! Bahahaha..

  5. Rick,
    I agree with you on the Goldy/Regal match. Pure cheese. Especially as I think Regal is one of the best technical wrestlers in the business and one of the best on-mic performers. I feel he is very underutilized in the whole story-forming process.
    I also remember Vince saying he would never use murder as a story-line in the WWE. Imagine my surprise when after one of the best matches I have seen this year ends with HHH saying “Kane, you’re a murderer”. I was very disappointed.
    Seems like we can’t have a RAW show without HHH being part of the main story line. I know he’s the “champion”, but IMHO his skills have diminished, he won’t lay down and be pinned, he won’t put anybody over, and he character is TOAST.
    Oh well, that’s my rant over. But I still think you should join the dark side and watch Smackdown tonight.

  6. SmackDown tonight? Is it not Thursday night? Because I have cooking school Thursdays and then come home to watch Survivor and CSI on tape – no SmackDown. If it’s on tonight I might flip it on and see what’s up.
    Yeah, Vince told Costas no murder storylines. I guess his argument would be that nobody is being murdered in the storylines, they’re bringing up make-believe past issues. Regardless, it went over like a lead balloon to the arena and home viewing audience – not like that matters to Vince, it’s his show. :|
    Triple H is still dating the girl that writes the scripts, it’s no wonder he’s always front and centre. I remember the good old days when he even jobbed to Jeff Hardy for the IC Title on TV – now he won’t even allow a 2-count.

  7. Hahaha.. linked to a site on “winners-online-casinos”.. hehe..
    Playtech, eh? Probably a good move in the fact that at least their provider will pay attention to them now, but being as it’s a completely untrustworthy provider, I’m not sure about how smart the move is…

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