Yet another website launch for me – this one hit yesterday and will be another regularly updated site. However, this one is on the world of marketing. Even if you’re not a marketing person, per se, you’ll probably get a kick out of some of it. Guest columns are welcome and we welcome any discussion on marketing, advertising, commercials, whatever. We’re hoping to have ad downloads there in a bit too, so you’ll be able to download your favourite ads for storing on your hard drive. In the meantime, we’ve got some links to buy the albums of some songs people seem to like from ads, including that instrumental one in the VW commercial from one of my top bands, Son Volt. You can visit the site here.

Of course, yes, Crafty Puppy is my company name. Has been for a number of years now, but I’d never done anything with the website. This site will hopefully generate some traffic to check out what it is I do, and we’ll be adding in an area for people to see what services we offer and how to use them. Hopefully it gets some more business coming in. I’ll be talking with the Beer Machine guys next week – any of you men or women out there think it looks like an interesting product? I have one, it’s fun. :)

And now it’s off to clean the house – Andy, Catherine, and their little 3-month old girl Madeline Emma are coming over today – we’ve not yet seen the little one so we want to make sure everything is tidy and the Toy Story DVD is in the machine. :)


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