Preferring It Back Inside

The last week and a half have truly been a whirlwind – the next few days should be a welcome respite from the constant movement. When I had noted in Vegas below that “sleep won’t be an option” I wasn’t lying – as it turned out I didn’t sleep my last two days there. I managed to squeeze a lot of sights and sounds into those two days, though, so I don’t regret it. The plane ride home was murder because everything on me wanted to shut down and crash, but because I had a changeover I couldn’t just lie back for hours and sleep. When I got back it was catching up on my precious Survivor and Big Brother, then up Sunday for a family dinner at my grandparents. Monday was spent catching up on lost work, then Tuesday and Wednesday at The Angry Tomato to learn some on-the-job cooking in a professional kitchen. That was a lot of fun, and I don’t *think* I messed anything up. All’s well that ends well, right? Then today it’s back catching up on work and I have to leave in two hours for cooking class in Toronto. And just when I think I can see the other side, I’ve remembered I’ll be getting three more movies to review tomorrow – and trust me, this is much harder work than I ever thought it was. I still enjoy watching the movies, but the 4-5 hours I need to allocate to each movie for the in-depth reviews is just too much.

That said, I’ve now added a new menu option on your left with links to the last two weeks worth of DVD reviews, in case some of you are interested. Clive suggested I add a rating system, which I have for the past few weeks. Thanks to him for that suggestion. But I haven’t stopped there…

Gaming Jackpots, my gaming site, launched a suite of free casino games in Flash today. They look pretty nice, all the popular games are there, and you get 1000 free credits to start. I can always add more if you bottom out, just e-mail me. I’ve placed a link on your left under Fun Junk in case any of you are bored and want to play a little Blackjack or some Slots. There are other games there too. Hopefully you enjoy them!

And for those that asked what I got to make in the restaurant the last two days – a lot of House, Greek, Caesar, Grilled Chicken Caesar, and Blackened Chicken Ceasar salads; Garlic Bread (with and without cheese); Chicken and Goat Cheese Salad; Blackened Chicken Wrap; Club Wrap; Chicken Wrap; Veal Sandwich; French Fries; Sweet Potato Fries; Blackened Chicken Pasta; Cauliflower Soup; Pasta Pomodoro; Breaded Veal; and Margarita, Ariana, and Louisiana Pizza. You can check out the menus here and here.

Now it’s off to class to make a Lasagna..


3 thoughts on “Preferring It Back Inside

  1. Yo Rick … just to further what I said on your ZonkBoard. Blade 2 was pretty good … although I think I preferred the original (minus the Kris Kristofferson “suicide” scene which I thought was total cheese). It was *very* easy to detect the computer generated scenes. I personally would have preferred a bit more “human” motion rather than computer stuff, even if it made the scenes not as dyanamic or crazy.
    Still a good one to see and the DVD features rock!

  2. Hey man! Congrats on making it into LG Windows Daily!!

  3. Wicked! I had no idea.. thanks!

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