As part of my wind down from Vegas I’ve already put together the video presentation of the few shots I took while I was there. Check it out if you’re interested by visiting the Gallery. Some info you may not get out of just watching it:

  • Yes, that’s a meat locker Steve is pointing to.
  • The outdoor concert was being given by George Thorogood.
  • The restaurant after the Starbucks is Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House.
  • Yes, those lions were right above my head.

I think that sums it up. :)

So now, today, I try my hand at true professional cooking for the first time! Jeff has invited me up to try my hand at two lunches at The Angry Tomato, learn the ropes a bit, and see how it goes. This mixed in with my next eight weeks of cooking school should go a long way towards putting me where I want to be as a chef.


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