Leavin’ (for) Las Vegas

My time is short as I’m getting delivered to the aiport in about three hours so I thought I’d toss together a quick blog before I left. On the offchance that I can’t get anything working remotely, this *could* be the last you’ll hear from me until Saturday night. However, I should be able to get access from Vegas, in which case you’ll get me here and GTAbloggers.com, discussing my first trip to Las Vegas. As noted previously, Mar isn’t coming – she’ll still be home – but she’s not much for blogging so no dice there. I’ll be staying at the nice Paris Las Vegas where my room will overlook the Bellagio Water Show each night. Should be cool, I’m looking forward to it. Of course, it’s work for me though – a three day conference where I’ll be attempting to generate a little more business for my website.

To make matters a bit stickier, I suffered a total setback during my baseball tournament yesterday. My three game tourney turned into an inning and a half when my ankle reinjured on a pivot throw to second. Once again, a loud noise and undeniable pain. So I purchased a wrap for the ankle today that I’ll be wearing throughout my four days of roaming conference halls and casinos. Good luck to me.

So, until tomorrow (hopefully), I bid y’all adieu – keep posting comments and on the zonkboard so I’ve got a few notes from home to see while I’m away. :)


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