Bland Teachings

Well that didn’t take long. The webcam is broken again. My server keeps interrupting the upload and creating some sort of invisible file that can’t be overwritten, so the cam just keeps timing out. It’s irritating me, but since I leave for Vegas on Monday, I’ll fix it when I get back. Unfortunately, it’s a business trip so Mar is staying home while I parade around Sin City for the first time. However, since I don’t drink much, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble, and I’m not a big fan of bars (strip or otherwise), my stories should be fairly tame by comparison to some of yours. I’m just looking to see some sights, eat some good food, and hopefully get some business.

In the meantime, yesterday was day one of cooking school. It was demo only, we just sat and took notes. Nothing too magical as they taught us methods of cutting vegetables and cooking terms that were old for me due to four years of constant FoodTV watching. They had begun making beef and chicken stocks, and while I’ll grant that they didn’t get to make them long enough to generate any real flavour, the soups they made out of them were quite bland. It was a strange thing because you’re expecting this drop-dead amazing soup and it was – bland. They’d made french onion soup and cream of cauliflower for everyone to try. They hadn’t cooked the onion soup long enough to reduce the wine properly so there was a distinct wine taste that is usually more concentrated when cooked long enough. I’ll miss next week but I guess I’ll see what week three holds.

Mar’s sick, I’ve got to run her up to the doctor. Then it’s off to Jumbo Video to pick up the movies for myCaledon reviews. Only one a week the last two weeks and I think I’m getting four or five today. Ack..


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