Look What the Cat Dragged In..

Sorry for the elongated absence, folks. There is good news to be had amongst it all, though. After four years and a series of false starts, myCaledon has finally launched. I set out to make a really good website based on the Toronto.com model for the small town I live in just north of T.O. It’s taken an incredible amount of time and effort but it’s finally up, and feedback has been great so far. I produced a print ad and put it in the local paper yesterday and I’ve already seen a significant amount of traffic come through, including entries in the contest.


In other news, and I have no idea if they’ll find this page through a web search or my e-mail address, I’ve taken a stab at furthering my journalistic desires by applying at the National Post, a Canada-wide newspaper published by the Southam folks. They’re seeking a Sports Reporter to cover the National Hockey League daily for the paper and as soon as I saw it the gears started up. I’ve been writing about hockey on Gaming Jackpots for a while now and love it, and my columns are always well received. Hopefully the National Post agrees – I’ll keep everyone posted.

Speaking of that, hockey season is almost here! Who’s up for a pool? Let me know in the comments if you’re in, I’ll set one up soon.


4 thoughts on “Look What the Cat Dragged In..

  1. Hey Rick,
    Props to getting the mycaledon site up and launched *thumbsup*
    Also…good luck with the National Post job! I know you’d be terrific for that position!
    Did you ever hear back from the other company??

  2. Yo!
    Congrats on the myCaledon site. Truly awesome. And I wish you all the best in the NP job effort. Good luck!
    And oh yeah, I’m up for a hockey pool.

  3. if you get the job, i expect ranger tix!!!!

  4. ah, they never win anything, they should be pretty easy tix to get. :)

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