Monday Mission

It’s that time again, yo. Rick’s Monday Mission is below. Before I get to that, however, please note the new Recipes link to your left. Since I’m delving further into cooking, to the point of beginning chef school a week Thursday, I’ve decided to start archiving the things I actually do well. I hope some of you get a chance to try them and let me know how they went. Now on wit it, y’all, courtesy of Laura:

1. What’s the most embarassing thing that’s ever happened to you on a date?
Wow.. I haven’t dated a lot in my life, I’ve basically gone from one elongated relationship to another. That said, I can’t think of anything embarassing. I remember going to see Sliver with two girls and found a few scenes to be embarassing. :)

2. Do you eat your veggies?
Actually, I do. It took about 28 years for me to get there, but I do.

3. Most people are comfortable going to the bathroom in front of at least one person. Has anyone ever used the restroom in front of you that you wish wouldn’t have? What happened and how bad was it?
Believe it or not, no. I’m a private guy, even in marriage, and my bathroom is for me and me only. It’s decorated the way I like, it holds all my stuff, and best of all, it comes with locks. :)

4. Have you ever had a bad online transaction? You know, the item wasn’t what you thought it would be, you got totally ripped-off, no refunds, it just plain sucked? What’s the story there?
I was an early adopter of e-commerce making my first online purchase, a CD, in 1996. I even taught e-commerce at a College in 1996 so you’d think I’d have my share of stories. However, only one – a stiff on eBay on a CD I really, really wanted that I paid $50CDN for and never got. I don’t blame the seller, they shipped it September 10th last year from NYC. ’nuff said. They generously refunded half my money.

5. Ever have a current love find any old love letters (or similar item) you kept that probably should have been thrown away? How did that turn out?
I told Mar before we got together that I was a packrat and kept everything, including old pictures, letters, gifts, etc.. So although she’s come across a few pictures or letters here and there, no harm done.

6. Was there ever a time when you did something totally outrageous because you knew no one would know who you were, or maybe didn’t care even if they did?


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  1. hey, thanks for the props although i can’t really take credit for it.

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