Props To The Past

I can not believe this day is finally here. Proof that Rick Jessup had a homepage before it was cool, and well before most people knew what the heck a homepage was. It was 1995 and a friend of mine at College, Chris Dawber, was “coding websites”. I saw a future in it and asked him to teach me. By the way – Chris was cool – former guitarist for Shotgun Messiah – now a pro fisherman when last we talked. So anyways, he hooked me up with some little editor and I made my first website on my lunch one day. Since he doubled as the IT Manager for the College his hand slipped and gave me access to the servers, where I placed a decidedly non-Collegeish website on their servers. Had they ever known about it you can bet it wouldn’t have lasted, but as it was they were too busy chasing the bread crumbs I was leaving elsewhere (“who renamed Netscape to Nutscrape in the lab?”) to bother noticing that I had “Rick’s Page of Completely Useless Crap” up. The funny thing was I somehow became the first listing on most major search engines at the time on a search of the word “crap” and therefore ended up garnering quite a cult following with it. Unfortunately, when 1997 hit and I graduated they dumped the servers, the page was down, and so was my only copy.

Or so I thought. Until tonight. When I rummaged through some old 3 1/4″ diskettes and found it. So now, in all it’s splendour, I present to you my first home on the web, circa-1995.

Rick’s Page of Completely Useless Crap


3 thoughts on “Props To The Past

  1. Hehehe. I remember actually visiting the page of useless crap when it was first created.

  2. dude! you know the guitarist of shotgun messiah?!?!?!

  3. well, knew is probably a bit more correct – but yeah, we went to College together. he taught me HTML. cool guy. i remember he came into the lab one day and told me he’d just made a bunch of cash buying and selling Netscape on IPO. i haven’t talked to him in many years, though.

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