5 thoughts on “RICKJESSUP.com AudioBlog 002

  1. Ooh, now I’m gonna have to do an audio blog… But question, what audio recorder do you use?

  2. Sound Forge XP Studio 5 for recording on my cheap Future Shop headset. :)
    And you already DID an audio blog!!

  3. Yeah, but now I’m gonna have to do another one :)

  4. Ha! I love that “size” link! :)
    I was gonna do a total audio blog, but couldn’t find the hardware to do it. I have crazy insane thoughts when I’m driving, so that was going to be the gist of it. My Nomad records, but doesnt’ pick up my voice. Um, ok, I’m going now.
    “Not like Alex”, ha! Oooh, Leaf boxers….get that webcam back on! ;)

  5. when i can figure out why this webcam keeps busting up i’ll hold up my Leafs boxers. :) they’re all big and comfortable, perfect for lounging around.
    as for audio hardware, i got my headset for $25 at Future Shop.

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