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I am SUCH an idiot. Here I steal a link from Julie, promise her a link back in exchange, then just like the mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger that I am – forget all about her. Ain’t that just like a man? So that said, the excellent link posted in the prior message in regards to Lego men building a computer came courtesy of DIGITAL JAZ found online for your viewing entertainment at It’s kid tested – but just wait – it’s also mother-approved! And if that’s not enough, Alex approves of her webcam.

Making a second evening post also gives me a chance to gloat. Seeing as I live in Canada, yet love Southwestern food, let’s note that certain ingredients in my favourite form of cooking can be hard to come by. These include masa dough, tamale husks, and most of all, tomatillos. So a few months back I bought some tiny tomatillo plants (along with habanero, cayenne, honeydew, and cantaloupe) and planted them along the back fence in my yard, 10 feet in the air, in a perpetually shaded area. The neighbours – they scoffed. They said “crazy man, you can not grow Mexican vegetables against your 10 foot tall shaded fence!” However, I continued to trounce dutifully to the fence with my pail full of water and properly fed said plants as any loving farmer would. Mornings I would stare lovingly at my children from the bedroom window – alas, when would they grow? When would they bear the fruit I so seek?


So, like, I rule now.


2 thoughts on “Visit Today!

  1. i’m not really sure it’s mother-approved. hahaha

  2. hrm.. but you’re sure it’s kid tested? ;)

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