Mar took off tonight for

Mar took off tonight for her family farm about 90 minutes north of home. This means I get to play Adventures in Cooking. :) I’m scheduled to hit cooking school this September for a bit of a potential career change – my long-term goal is to have a restaurant, it has been for over 15 years now. So I basically spend obscene amounts of time reading recipes and watching cooking shows in order to develop my own culinary creations. Some turn out great, some nowhere near. Usually a bit above average. But, when I’m alone and cooking for one, I really have nothing to lose, right? I’m from the school of Bobby Flay, and therefore love the southwest, and also naming it exactly what it is. That said, tonight was:

Curry-crusted chicken wrap with balsamic mushrooms, caramelized onions, and cilantro-lime sour cream.

On the side? Corn on the cob with lime and blue cheese. The wrap was just what I’d hoped – really nice, and tons of new flavours all the time. The corn on the cob could do without the lime – I’ll try that one again.

My only other news item is confirmation on the ankle injury. Two weeks ago I posted how I’d turned over on it during a baseball game, enough to force me to sit out the remaining two innings – which I HADN’T done when I’d separated the shoulder in the first inning earlier in the season and finished the game. I let it go for a couple weeks hoping it would heal itself, but alas, not the case. A trip to the clinic today was like a punch in the gut because I *really* hate missing games. The ligaments are busted up in the ankle (check out that nasty drawing of the injury near the top of the link) and it requires six weeks of rest. I’m also supposed to have it wrapped in a bandage from morning to night.
There’s a show on the Food Network right now called The Thirsty Traveler, which I hadn’t been interested in, but flipped on tonight. He’s in Mexico watching tequila being made from harvest to fermentation to aging and he just got to taste some right from the barrel. I hate my job.


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