Three new shots added to

Three new shots added to the Webcam Archive, including the item from below. So if you came to the party late and you can’t find the image referred in the post below this one, hit the archive and look under July 29, 2002. In the meantime, if you ever find a shot you think deserves to be in here send it along! The July 26, 2002 shot was sent in by GoalieGirl with a note of: “Awww, are you sleepy?” Haha.. the truth being, I’d just rubbed habanero pepper juice into my eyes and the pain was caught for all to see. I won’t tell you the story behind July 19, 2002 – for that one you want to ask the master of Drive-By Rack Lovings, Alex.

And on that note, a couple *HONK*HONK*s for Julie and Michelle and I’m off to get some lunch.

Rick Jessup

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  1. *honk*s get me so excited! 8]

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