Comments! Comments!

My rathole for comments! Ok, so you might now know where that’s from, but that don’t matter. What DOES matter is I’ve finally switched over to a better Blogging (ie. web logging) program to make these journal entries effective NOW. Not much difference for you yet, although things will continue to change. However, at the bottom of each journal entry you’ll notice a “Comments” option. Click on that and speak your mind! It’ll be there for the world to see – I want everyone to use it, I spent a lot of time getting them there. I also need to thank GoalieGirl for giving me that final boost that got this working right – props, baby!

Also, another change – the Desktop picture on the left is now a Deskcam. What that means is what you see in that window is what’s on my Windows desktop right now – work and all. Whatever I’m doing is broadcast up there. Of course, this means I need to watch my surfing habits a bit more carefully, but it should be fun.

Phew – a busy day here – I’m off to The Angry Tomato for dinner.


4 thoughts on “Comments! Comments!

  1. I get to be first to comment on my own site – you didn’t think I’d let one of YOU grab #1, did ya? Bah! (waves paw)

  2. yeah! comments baby!
    it’s the little things that get my excited. haha

  3. No problem, Rick, buddy!
    You know I was just waiting to harass you anyway. :)

  4. I’ve got one girl that’s excited and one that wants to harass me .. frig, I should have thought of comments a WHOLE lot earlier! ;)

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