Do you ever get the

Do you ever get the feeling that it’s just not your year? I mean, I’ll be honest, all in all this year has been great. I’ve been loving working on my own, marriage is great closing in on the start of year three, and in general, things are great. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I have AGAIN injured myself playing Sunday morning softball. Best part? This time it’s my right ankle. Frig frig frig. Because of my shoulder and elbow I’ve been working out legs instead of arms lately in the gym – now what do I work out? Neck? Bah. (waves paw)

I had hit a decent shot on the ground between first and second base and ran all-out for first when my ankle turned and I heard a rather loud crack. The next thing I saw was people staring at me and I was actually lying on the grass behind the fence above first. My sister told me I had actually continued running to be safe at first, and that almost immediately after had fallen on the ground. I don’t think it’s serious – a lot of pain and a enough swelling to represent a second ankle, but it’s already feeling a bit better which should mean it’s all good in a few days. It’s just the principle of injuring myself again. I’m down 12 lbs in the past couple months and I have to keep that up – I honestly feel that if I can get under 200 things will start to feel a lot better. For those keeping score, that means I’ve got about 18 lbs. to go before I’m in health country. I carry a lot of weight so 200 for me is about 175-180 for your average joe.

So, now it’s ice-on, ice-off while I await the arrival of Rob and Rocco for our first WWE pay-per-view in months. We attended WrestleMania X-8 – other than that, I’ve been conserving the money this year. We’ll see what happens – for fans of wrestling out there, was seeing Bischoff arrive on Raw not the first “HOLY —-!” moment of the last couple years? You could have scraped my jaw off the floor.

Does anyone out there own an Aztek? I’m giving serious consideration to attempting a swap at the dealer on my 2000 Grand Am GT for a used Aztek. I’m not asking for people who DON’T own them to e-mail me and say “but they’re so ugly, why would you get one?” I want opinions from those that own them, if there are any out there. I test drove one last summer and I’ve been in love ever since – I’m interested in how they are for repairs and problems, things like that. If you do own one, toss me an e-mail by clicking on my name below. CLICK MY NAME!!! ;)

Rick Jessup

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