Another day, another migraine. I

Another day, another migraine. I hate these things. I apparently called Mar at work at 5:30 to tell her I’d see her when she got home and I was going to rest. This call came from downstairs in the living room. I woke up at 8:30 sprawled out in my day clothes on my bed, surrounded with laundry (on the bed), and Mar was downstairs watching Star Trek. I don’t remember going upstairs, I don’t know how I got there, I don’t know what time I went there, I know nothing. Welcome to the wonderful world of the migraine headache. Mar informed me she got home at 7:30 or so and I had asked for two pills (I rarely take pills) and fell back asleep. I had even bought some nice stuff to make for dinner but that obviously went by the wayside. I guess I’ll get to that Wednesday.

Looks like the CEO at my former company, CryptoLogic, ‘quit’ today. Quit being in quotes because, well, I doubt that’s the way it went down. I know folks at the company read this site so I should be nice about the whole thing, and I will be. Just rest assured that I’ve already received a number of calls and e-mails from employees at the company noting that I’d pegged this long before I left. The grunt workers of that company, the folks that put their all in day in and day out, deserve much more than they’ve received. I see they’ve hired some interim management to take over – whatever happens, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I hope the company can be turned around. There are far too many great people and old friends there who deserve the World. Sometimes you have to step back to take a few steps ahead – hang in there, folks. I’m sure some folks will take this post and read all sorts of junk into it so they can tell everyone how mean I was and how negative I was. Have at it. One thing you can’t say is how wrong I was, because you know I wasn’t.

And best of luck to a good CRYP friend, Ray, who I understand is now an ex-CRYP. Good luck in all your future endeavours!

Rick Jessup