Iiiiiittttttt’sssss FRIDAY!! I’m out of

Iiiiiittttttt’sssss FRIDAY!! I’m out of here for the weekend so y’all can abuse my Zonkboard and whatever. I have to take a trip 90 minutes North to my wife’s family farm, which is never fun because I’m allergic to it. Mind you, anyone not used to a farm that hasn’t been cleaned in fifteen years would probably also be allergic to it. I can say this because Mary never reads this page. ;) Hehe.. on my way out the door, here’s a quiz to tide everyone over. See you Sunday night!

Name Three Foods You Regularly Eat
1. Pork tenderloin
2. Peanuts
3. Cereal

Name Three Foods You Regularly Drink
1. Ice Water with Lemon
2. Chocolate Milk
3. Vanilla Coke

Name Three Ice Cream Flavours You Love
1. PC “Eat the Middle First”
2. Chocolate Peanut Butter
3. Chocolate Mint Chip

Name Three Things Currently Attached To Your Body
1. Wedding Ring
2. Finger Nails
3. Earring

Name Three Colours You Love
1. Black (I know, a shade.. it’s my blog, get lost..)
2. Blue
3. Red

Name Three Items In Your Wallet
1. Travelodge Gold Miles Card
2. Pictures of Caleb and Joey
3. Receipts

Name Three Bad Habits You Hate People Doing
1. Overdoing the cologne/perfume
2. Senseless, extensive swearing
3. Smoking

Name Three Things You Enjoy
1. Wrestling
2. Softball
3. Hockey

Rick Jessup