i have a monster headache

i have a monster headache today, it’s stopped me from doing just about any work. this ticks me off because i’m behind in getting a business plan together for that project i’ve talked about before – the one that requires someone who can code php. of course, when i have a headache i type in all lower case.

mar and i were watching ‘trading spaces’ this weekend and they announced that they’re doing a version of that makeover story show with amy wynn pastor!!! my beloved carpenter! that ty goof is on there too but who cares about him. mind you, i’ve seen women getting made over before. half the time they end up looking like they’ve been shot in the face by homer simpson’s makeup gun. amy wynn looks fine now, they better not bust her up or i’m going to throw something at my tv. i got hit by mary one day when i noted that, if we were ever on the show, and they put me in the same room as genevieve, paige, and amy i’d probably just sit there giggling the whole time instead of, you know, painting my friend’s house hot pink and spaccling the ceiling with peanut shells or whatever stupid poop they’d come up with that day.

i figured out a way to make beer batter the other day and made some killer mushrooms – today, i’m going to try my hand at onion rings. here’s an interesting tidbit for anyone that likes fried food but hates the fat that goes along with it – the more oil you fry something in the less fat it adds. seriously. if you want to keep the fat levels to a minimum you want to deep fry. rickjessup.com – entertaining AND informative. wow, i found my shift key.

rick jessup

ps.. they just aired that commercial again.. they’re calling it “trading faces”.. hahahahahaha..