The last thing you ate:

The last thing you ate: Scrambled Egg Burrito
The last thing you bought: Groceries. Before that, Leafs jersey.
The last thing you watched: Thing? Do the ladies at the gym count? :)
The last time you showered: About 2PM.
The last time someone said they loved you: Mar, about two hours ago.
The last phone call: Mar, when she left from work .. about two hours ago. :)
The last time you cried: May 24, 1999. Before that, August 1990.
The last movie you watched: Jeepers Creepers .. about two hours ago. hehe..
The last tv show you saw: American Idol.
The last time you yelled: All out yelled? Hrm.. it’s been a few months since I left Crypto, right? :)
The last CD you bought: Bought? Gomez “In Our Gun”. Downloaded? Snoop’s “Doggystyle”
The last piece of mail you got: Personal? A letter from an old friend I wasn’t expecting to hear from. Ever.
The last CD you listened to: Listening to Snoop now.
The last e-mail you got: Lockergnome Bits & Bytes

Cheers in elephant’s shoes,
Rick Jessup