See my hangover girl? The

See my hangover girl? The one with the elephant’s toes? She waters down the rain when I get home. Because it’s gonna rain when I get old.
I’m sure you have no idea what that means. Elephant’s toes? Ok, some of you do. If you don’t, no worries. My general opinion of those with elephant’s toes can be summed up in the line: “I’m not worried about your state of mind – you’re not the revolutionary kind.”

Time for the Monday Mission – Friday Five – questions – I don’t care what you call them, just don’t call them elephant’s toes.

Do you like the food on your plate to touch each other?
Unless they are absolutely meant to be together, no. What do I mean by this? A hamburger can touch a bun. The toppings can touch the pizza. However, the veggies can not touch the potatoes and the meat can’t touch the veggies. Simple as dat.

What two foods should never be mixed together?
Wow, this is a neverending list. But, to pick just one? I’ve never seen a Baskin Robbins offer a Pork Milkshake, and I think I know why.

What two foods do you love to mix together?
My single favourite flavour combination? Chipotle puree and lime.

Speaking of strange blends, have you ever had a friendship with someone your complete opposite?
Yes, a few times. The one that immediately springs to mind is Julie. However, all of my good friends are divergent from me in many ways, it makes the friendship that much more entertaining and unpredictable.

How about telling us about two of your favorite songs from two very different musical styles (country and classical, christian and metal)?
Wow. I LOVE music. Two completely different styles, eh? How about “Everything Under the Sun” by Extreme and “Tear Stained Eye” by Son Volt? They’re quite different. The Extreme song is actually three songs brought together over 20+ minutes that come to include acoustic and electric instruments and a complete 80-piece symphony. That’s different in itself. The Son Volt song is just an excellent song set to a lonely acoustic guitar and a soulful voice. Look’em up.

Rick Jessup

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