Ok, since I’m a blind

Ok, since I’m a blind follower of others (“BAAAAAA…”) I’m going to do this fun little thing where you type your first name and the word “is” in brackets in the Google search engine. (ie. “Rick is”) Then, find out what you are. Fun! (whatever… it’s not like I’m typing elephant’s toes over and over and over again.)

  1. Rick is … the author of three books.
  2. Rick is … currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Arizona.
  3. Rick is … visiting six Canadian cities to share his exciting breakthroughs in research.
  4. Rick is … not organising the tour, he is turning up and playing where he’s told.
  5. Rick is … also co-author of the world-famous Nephroid Lab.
  6. Rick is … challenging Jesse Ventura — 3 rounds in the ring!
  7. Rick is … continuing his on-going studies of population structure and social dynamics of a shallow-water population.
  8. Rick is … serving up a delicious blend of Cajun, Creole, and Southern home cooking.
  9. Rick is … back. Verfasst am 29.04.02 von razzcazz.
  10. Rick is … scheduling his 2002 calendar now!

Rick Jessup

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