Phew! Wonderland is always so

Phew! Wonderland is always so tiring, and we only ended up spending five hours there. We were lucky to find that the parking lot was only about 1/3 full the entire day – it was basically Rob and I along with 40 busloads of students from somewhere in the 613 area code. Because of that, lineups were pretty small and we managed to get on Drop Zone, Top Gun, Vortex, The Bat, and Dragon Fire – ALL in the first seats of the first car! That was quite the accomplishment, but it seemed like the day to do it. We topped off the day with a lunch at the local air conditioned restaurant where Rob’s chicken burger and fries, my souvlaki and fries, and a drink each came to $24.50. Uh-huh.

I’d best get some good rest tonight because I’m not sleeping again until Saturday! Wish me luck on the Relay For Life, I’ll have an update sometime Saturday after I stumble home, fall asleep on the couch, stumble up in the afternoon in time to watch “Video & Arcade Top 10”. Interesting note to fans of CityTV’s Breakfast Television – ‘new’ host Liza Fromer got her start on V&A Top 10 and the old YTV show “Clips” – I remember watching her on those shows when I was a wee lad. In fact, somewhere I’ve got a bunch of “Clips” episodes on tape, I should rip them to CD and blackmail her. :)

Rick Jessup