A few things to talk

A few things to talk about today.

First, huge shock yesterday when a letter arrived from an old friend I had thought I’d never hear from again. I took her up on the offer to make a phone call and had a great discussion catching up after all these years. On the off-chance she does happen to drop by the site – there was one thing I took away from the film Vanilla Sky, and that was “but how could I enjoy the sweet of life without the bitter?” Hang in there. :)

Second, I’m peering through those Google search terms again today, to see what people search to find my site. So I’ve got a question about these two:

kanata strippers
grand prix and strippers and montreal

Ok, I’m quite certain I spend very minimal time on this site talking about strippers, so why is it I’m turning up on Google like this? Something is up. But, alas, I can offer you no information about your requested searches. Actually, I can tell you that the Grand Prix in Montreal is apparently owned by the cops and the taxi drivers are paid extra to take you there, so simply ask your cabbie to take you there and he will. I know this because the cabbie Steve, Brent, and I got to get back to the hotel after Raw was all but insisting we went there. We didn’t. Sorry to disappoint.

Oh, and on those search terms – Steve, Alex, and Sionne – someone is looking for you.

Rick Jessup