migraines suck

time to type in all lower case again, means i’ve managed to grab another migraine. i left at 11:30 today for buffalo to pick Rob and his girlfriend Carrie up at the airport from their cruise on the Grand Princess, which looks more like a huge iron than a cruise ship. i just got back now and my head hurts, at some point my neck cracked and that always sets it off. i did managed to get lunch at Bennigans which makes it all worthwhile.

now for the other news – for reasons that will become clear in the new year i’ll likely soon be changing the url to this site. i haven’t finalized my plans for a new url, so if you’ve got some ideas, flip’em my way. there’s one i’m fixated on that’s the likely winner, but suggestions are always good. this site will likely change rather abruptly, and rather significantly, come january.

time to go watch the leafs beat the bruins (fingers crossed)


If you’re around your TV

If you’re around your TV this Sunday at 5PM you’ll get a chance to catch me on it. A&E will be reairing the Bret Hart documentary Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows, documenting events leading up to the “screwjob” at Survivor Series 1997. I, along with Rob and my cousin Will, attended this event and Will and I ended up being all over the broadcast, and subsequently, the documentary. I’ll try to snap some screen caps when it airs again, but if you do happen to catch it, we appear during the climactic match near the end of the program between Bret and Shawn Michaels. You’ll see two guys in Austin 3:16 shirts, and frequently I’m holding up a sign that says “COHEN 3:16 Says My Mom Wouldn’t Let Me Come to Montreal” on it.

Unfortunately CTV will never reair my episode of Just Like Mom as they, for some reason, deleted all the old episodes. I even had an ex-girlfriend who worked in the archives department of CTV look for it, so I know it doesn’t exist. So, since my taping no longer exists, none of you can laugh at me in my three-piece suit discussing outer space and cereal with Fergie Oliver.

Oh, and Michelle – how about a fireman AND a penguin? Check it out!

Rick Jessup

Wow.. so a few days

Wow.. so a few days since an update, but I had my reasons. The Relay for Life was extremely difficult, but an absolutely amazing event that was planned perfectly and seemed to go off without a hitch. My initial thanks need to go to Alex, Carrie, Christine, Mary, Ray, Rob, Stephen, Nan, Bumps, and my parents for contributing donations towards the cause. I personally raised over $150 towards the Canadian Cancer Society. The event featured no fewer than 40-50 teams of 10, all who contributed some amount, so no doubt the event was a success.

We arrived around 6PM and started unloading what I thought was way too much stuff (I ended up being right). I personally brought a small backpack of stuff, a blanket and pillow, and a cooler full of drinks for everyone. Somehow we ended up, between nine of us, with three tents, four coolers/baskets, and bags upon bags upon bags of stuff. It looked like we were staying a week. We certainly wouldn’t want for anything while we were there, and if we had, the volunteers and great sponsoring companies took care of it. There were full dinners and breakfasts, snacks, yogurts, apples, bananas, Gatorade, coffee, tea, you name it. It was ALWAYS there. There were live bands and karoake, games like volleyball and glowing mini golf, and an awesome set of portable toilets featuring a logo containing a sweating bear running for the door. :)

The team (consisting of the captain, my sister Kim, her husband Jeff, myself, Sandy Young, Barb Luxton, Chad Critchley, Cari Critchley, and their parents Jack and Connie Critchley) then began with me, Kim, and Jack starting things off. One team member had to be on the track at all times. As a team I believe we managed somewhere in the area of 170 laps of the 1-mile track. I personally managed 20 of them, although most came in the early parts of the night, from about 8PM until a bit after midnight.

I won’t bore you with details – thanks to all that donated, and I’m still trying to recover. :) Walking 20 miles in a night can hurt when you’re not used to it. Hehe..

Because I was doing this over Friday night I didn’t have a chance to do my weekly questions post – I’ll get that tomorrow morning instead. Incidentally, I won’t be making it to Vegas this week so I’m still around if needed. You know where to find me!

Rick Jessup

Phew! Wonderland is always so

Phew! Wonderland is always so tiring, and we only ended up spending five hours there. We were lucky to find that the parking lot was only about 1/3 full the entire day – it was basically Rob and I along with 40 busloads of students from somewhere in the 613 area code. Because of that, lineups were pretty small and we managed to get on Drop Zone, Top Gun, Vortex, The Bat, and Dragon Fire – ALL in the first seats of the first car! That was quite the accomplishment, but it seemed like the day to do it. We topped off the day with a lunch at the local air conditioned restaurant where Rob’s chicken burger and fries, my souvlaki and fries, and a drink each came to $24.50. Uh-huh.

I’d best get some good rest tonight because I’m not sleeping again until Saturday! Wish me luck on the Relay For Life, I’ll have an update sometime Saturday after I stumble home, fall asleep on the couch, stumble up in the afternoon in time to watch “Video & Arcade Top 10”. Interesting note to fans of CityTV’s Breakfast Television – ‘new’ host Liza Fromer got her start on V&A Top 10 and the old YTV show “Clips” – I remember watching her on those shows when I was a wee lad. In fact, somewhere I’ve got a bunch of “Clips” episodes on tape, I should rip them to CD and blackmail her. :)

Rick Jessup

A veritable plethora of posting

A veritable plethora of posting glory for everyone today! Get the popcorn, grab a Vanilla Coke and settle back. E-mail your love to me using the link at the end.

1. I beat John Garrett and Scott Morrison of Sportsnet in the playoff hockey pools this year. And THEY’RE supposed to be the experts. Tell you what, boys, I’m available for your show sometime.. we’ll shoot the poop, talk hockey, I’ll learn ya a thing or two. :)

2. I also near-doubled my “competition” (Brent, Rob, and Paul) in the Faceoff.com Playoff pool. In the immortal words of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty: “I RULE!”

3. Perhaps most importantly, this Friday night I’ll be doing an overnight run for the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for them. I need to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges – receipts for amounts over $10 are available – so if anyone is willing to sponsor me for this I’d be grateful. It’s for a good cause – I lost an uncle last year to cancer and really wanted to do my part in his memory. I can organize donations through PayPal or we can work out something else. No pressure – but if anyone is willing just toss me an e-mail or give me a call at home.

4. If you marinate pork tenderloin in lime juice for at least a couple hours before cooking time, it’s hella-good. Seriously. Try it.

5. I’m now writing two movie scripts. I started a new one to see if I could do it – it’s a nice little coming of age love story with a sad ending. A big part of the film will be the influence music has on the main male character, and that said, I have already finished putting together what would be the soundtrack and I’m now detailing how the film will fall together. The problem I’ve reached is that the story doesn’t seem to have a single “high” moment, or climax if you will, that the film builds up to. Not sure if that becomes an issue or if it’s typical of lovey-dovey movies.

6. Can you write PHP? If you don’t know what that means, you can’t. If you can write PHP, e-mail me and we’ll chat. I need a PHP programmer for a project I’m working on.

Rick Jessup