The Verdict Is In reports Mike Rowe and Microsoft have come to an agreement pertaining to the Redmond giant suing for control of

Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler said Microsoft “would cover Mike’s costs of changing to a new Web site and redirecting traffic from the old site. Microsoft also had agreed to help the teen get Microsoft certification training and other gifts – including an Xbox game console – and has invited Mike to a technology festival in March at the corporation’s headquarters in suburban Redmond.”

“We wanted to do this in a way that’s going to foster his interest in technology,” Desler said.


All Aboard the Child-Suing Bandwagon

Microsoft has taken a page from the RIAA playbook by suing a teenager. 17-year-old Mike Rowe of Victoria, BC registered and was promptly told to cease and desist due to “copyright infringement”. He asked for compensation and was offered $10USD, which he countered by asking for $10,000. He has now received a 25-page document from Microsoft accusing him of trying to force Microsoft into giving him a large settlement.