100! 100!

Yes, I have joined the blogging century club. Although I’ve been “blogging” for about six years now, I’ve only been using one of these blogging utilities for a few months now. I started on Blogger and moved on to Movable Type a short while ago. So although, historically, I’m probably on my 1,000th blog, today marks post 100 of the new era.

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog duties lately. It’s been a decision to both spend as much time as possible trying to make money in some way, and recently, spending my spare time playing Medal of Honor, a WWII first person shooter. I never play video games, let alone shooters, but this one has me hooked. I keep going back to it and trying a few more levels and I’m nearing the half way point. Alex keeps calling me names because I’m playing on medium setting, but heck, what’s a guy to do? I don’t know how these games work, I just like this one. :)

They don’t seem to be announcing it but Coca-Cola has released a new version of Cherry Coke with a brand new look. This old press release doesn’t indicate they’d be changing the flavour, but they definitely have. The new taste is much more similar to real fountain cherry Coke and it’s a vast improvement on that nasty stuff they were blasphemizing the company brand with before.

So now it’s off to get a bit more work done, make dinner, and sit around the rest of the night. Should be cool, I’m looking forward to it.