Rick in Vegas I

Hey all,

Just checking in from the press room here at the Global Gaming Expo. They’ve really set this up well, impressive. Free net access is great too as the net access in the room isn’t working out like I’d hoped.

I don’t have too long – lots of press, few computers. Check out WMS Gaming, a slot company that’s recently released Survivor, Hollywood Squares, Monopoly, and my favourite, Pac-Man (& Ms. Pac-Man) slots and video slots. These things are wild! I’m going to have to do at least one article on them, they’ve outdone themselves with these. I had a chance to play the bonus rounds of the Survivor one a couple times, lots of fun. They have them at my hotel and the progressive jackpot is already $386,000+!

Back to the show – lots to do, little time to do it. Thank God for Starbucks, they’re keeping me alive.


Sweet merciful crap it’s hot

Sweet merciful crap it’s hot outside today! I was oblivious to this fact as I sat in my comfortable air conditioned home office typing away this morning trying to get a proposal ready for Jumbo Video on behalf of myCaledon.com and finally left the house to drop it off at 2pm. I had the A/C blasting in the car and it couldn’t keep up – I raced up there, gave the manager the proposal and headed right back home. I’m now sitting here drinking ice water and trying to cool back down. I don’t envy any of you that are living without air conditioning right now, I can’t imagine trying to sleep in this. Insane.

I’m close to deciding to merge gamingjackpots.com in to a new site I’d like to develop that would basically be a site geared towards men and everything they like. I’m still entertained by the sports handicapping stuff and would move that over to the new site, and also start doing all sorts of other things. The only problem I’m coming up with is a name for the site that’s both available AND good. Hard to come by. If you have any thoughts just toss me an e-mail.

I finally got my DVD-ROM working again here in the office so I can now watch DVDs on my flat screen 19″ monitor in high resolution. It’s amazing the difference between this and a television – I’d love to be able to one day pick up an HDTV to see the difference downstairs too.
Back to work with Rick .. later!

Rick Jessup

I’m getting ready to go

I’m getting ready to go catch my first Toronto Phantoms game tonight as the gent that does my AFL picks for GamingJackpots.com is in town to cheer on the Los Angeles team, and believe it or not, is actually staying in Palgrave, only minutes north of me. He and I will be joining Alex for some grub and the game. I’m not big on the CFL or NFL, although I was a fan of the XFL as the game was fast. I understand that there are some rule differences with the AFL that help speed it up and alter it a bit too so that should be cool.

This whole elephant’s toes thing was for that Google Challenge – I had a button for it down there on the right – but the contest was closed after Google got upset with the gent running it for sending artificial traffic. Oh well, I promise not to repeat that phrase again.

By the time you read this the latest site I’ve been working on with some others should be launched. I don’t own it or run it or anything like that, I merely got them off the ground with it and designed the actual theme and games and such. It’s an online casino, so if you like to gamble a bit (I don’t.. hehe..) maybe you can give it a once over and let me know what you think? http://www.vegasplayerscasino.com/ is the URL. If you go there and the Download page doesn’t work just check back in a few hours, I’m told it will launch at 2:30.

Rick Jessup

A veritable plethora of posting

A veritable plethora of posting glory for everyone today! Get the popcorn, grab a Vanilla Coke and settle back. E-mail your love to me using the link at the end.

1. I beat John Garrett and Scott Morrison of Sportsnet in the playoff hockey pools this year. And THEY’RE supposed to be the experts. Tell you what, boys, I’m available for your show sometime.. we’ll shoot the poop, talk hockey, I’ll learn ya a thing or two. :)

2. I also near-doubled my “competition” (Brent, Rob, and Paul) in the Faceoff.com Playoff pool. In the immortal words of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty: “I RULE!”

3. Perhaps most importantly, this Friday night I’ll be doing an overnight run for the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for them. I need to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges – receipts for amounts over $10 are available – so if anyone is willing to sponsor me for this I’d be grateful. It’s for a good cause – I lost an uncle last year to cancer and really wanted to do my part in his memory. I can organize donations through PayPal or we can work out something else. No pressure – but if anyone is willing just toss me an e-mail or give me a call at home.

4. If you marinate pork tenderloin in lime juice for at least a couple hours before cooking time, it’s hella-good. Seriously. Try it.

5. I’m now writing two movie scripts. I started a new one to see if I could do it – it’s a nice little coming of age love story with a sad ending. A big part of the film will be the influence music has on the main male character, and that said, I have already finished putting together what would be the soundtrack and I’m now detailing how the film will fall together. The problem I’ve reached is that the story doesn’t seem to have a single “high” moment, or climax if you will, that the film builds up to. Not sure if that becomes an issue or if it’s typical of lovey-dovey movies.

6. Can you write PHP? If you don’t know what that means, you can’t. If you can write PHP, e-mail me and we’ll chat. I need a PHP programmer for a project I’m working on.

Rick Jessup

I’m glad everyone is enjoying

I’m glad everyone is enjoying the new tag-board on the right there – please do try to keep the posts family friendly. It is for chatting, not the free exchange of pornographic material. ;) While you’re surfing around please take note of the Blog links near the bottom of the page along the left side. There’s some great sites there to peruse, including my friend Michelle and some other great folks I don’t actually know, like Goalie-Girl and the Pirillo family.

I’ll try to post a bit more now that I’ve got this little automated blogging utility in here, it makes it a bit easier. I haven’t figured out the archiving yet, I think it’s been down so I haven’t been able to play. I’ll keep trying. My brain hurts, updating Gaming Jackpots for the World Cup is proving difficult – hopefully traffic will get a boost.