Purple Rain…

I think maybe its time to get this discussion off the Zonkboard and into a blog.

Its seems that for once I am one of the few that thought the Super Bowl was indeed interesting to watch. This is somewhat ironic as not one hour before the game I was discussing over dinner how much I hate the champion game. Now I did miss the first half of the game because I was returning from Toronto via Hamilton (had to take Paul back to school), but I did watch the 3rd quarter and most of the 4th. Here

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  1. The Bears defense was terrible. What game were you watching? They constantly gave up 6 or 7 yards on running plays. The start of third quarter, the Colts ate up the clock and proved how superior they were. Grossman botched several snaps. His inexpereinced showed.
    In the last ten years there have been far better Super Bowls. This one wasn’t horrendous, but I wouldn’t classify it even as being good.
    The most excited we got, was during opening kickoff – after that it was downhill

  2. I agree with Cliff. The opening drive of the 3rd quarter lasted 8 mins… yes, 8 mins!

  3. I hate football, but this was my first superbowl in the US, so I had to get into it. Anyway…Bears started well; the party we were at had screaming so loud it set off the house alarm due to ‘blast’ at the front window (all of us screaming). I will say it went downhill, and I will also say I was right in my prediction of the winner. When asked last week who would win / who I was rooting for, my answer was always Prince. :)

  4. I’m not sure what game you were watching, Mark, but it didn’t appear to be the Super Bowl. The only thing that prevented that game from being an absolute blow-out were screw-ups by the Colts that lead to penalties and such. Aside from the first play of the game there was no time during the course of the entire four hours that it appeared the Bears had any chance of winning even an Intersquad game. This coming from someone who picked them to win and wanted them to win. They were horrid from mid-first quarter to the end.
    The commercials were boring, and thus not the only good thing about the game. All in all I think my time would have been better spent playing Tiger Woods. :)

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