Shades of Grey….

So did anyone happen to actually watch the NHL All-star game last night? The first hockey All-star game in three years seems to have been met not with anticipation, but rather a complete sense of indifference from the masses. Over the course of the last week I have listened to hockey analysts from all over weigh in on how the game is nothing more than a joke and really means nothing to the players or the fans. I guess I would have to agree with this as I felt my time was best served elsewhere while the best and brightest from the NHL fired puck after puck at those poor goalies. So I guess the question here is show the NHL even bother with the game and festivities or move on with the much more important season games.

Does any have an opinion one way or the other? Or, like me, do you simply not care.

Its seems that all my hockey lust has been directed to my duties with the ECHL fantasy hockey league that Rick and I are running this year. Now the zonk-trolls would have you believe that I have blown a gasket so soon into the season, but in reality all is well for me. I have enjoyed answering emails all day and look forward to running the games each night. Rick has been a big help stepping in to handle the one thing that I didn

5 thoughts on “Shades of Grey….

  1. I will believe the chatboard, when I actually see it.

  2. those that doubt me shall be struck down!

  3. i tried to watch the all star game
    i searched for it for 20 minutes and could not find the channel.

  4. The game was on CBC here in Canada. I watched maybe a minute of play at most. Watched the intros. I really don’t know so many of the players.

  5. I’m apparently alone in this world but I will come out of the closet as a fan of the NHL All-Star Game. I really fail to understand the vitrol spewed towards it as well, even by my beloved Bob McCown. The most exciting element of hockey is scoring; those big ice breaks, the slapshot from the circle, the big deke that fools the goaltender. All of those elements were present in the game on Wednesday, and it was entertaining from a purely “fun” aspect. Would I want every game to look like that? Not at all, but what was on the ice was entertaining enough.
    I honestly think the main issue is that we, as a society, just need to have something to complain about. When MLB went to “all-star winner gets home-field advantage” a few years back people lost it and called them idiots. Now it’s being held up as an example of how to make the all-star game mean something. People need to enjoy something for once.

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