I really have nothing to say, but typing about random nothing is apparently more interesting than last week’s postings, so here we go.
Most of you know that Paul and I, and to some degree Mark, have been attempting to improve our skills at guitar in hopes of putting together something resembling a band. It’s been a little over a year now that we’ve been hardcore back into playing, with both of us holding relatively new guitars. So we got together last Friday before the guys weekend to hang out, play guitar, and hopefully write a song. Mark had actually headed off to bed after our return trip from Toronto and it was a little after one in the morning when Paul and I actually decided to show one another a song we’d each been working on.
Long story short – we now have two solid works in progress. The tunes sounded good, and Paul suggested we seek out some of my old lyrics from the 90s, and found two songs that would fit with a little tweaking. Perhaps this band might go after all, and you’ll all be invited to the concert.
Now for the fun part – today’s links are.. odd.. ?
Today’s Random Links
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Star Trek and the Holy Grail (Thanks, Rob)
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