St Pat’s 5k

I finally got back out there and did it. Thanks to the ever-inspirational Clive I was out for my first 5k in 18 months today, a full 20-25 pounds lighter and ready to try it out once more. This was a substantially busier race than my previous (2003 Gatehouse 5k), but extremely well organized. The Irish Spring Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5k took place along the CNE and the day, although mildly cool, was bright and sunny – a far cry from the torrential downpour I experienced my first time out.
Results should be in later today, I don’t really have them yet. I appear to have shaved at least two minutes off my previous time (30:34) but we’ll see when they post them.
Next up is the PowerBar Spring Easter Seals 5k on April 2nd – anyone else in?
UPDATE: Results are up – 27:29. That’s three minutes off my time – hopefully I can build something even better for next time. I finished 229/477 for the men in the race; 90/179 for men aged 30-39. Still not top half, unfortunately, but I’ll get there eventually.

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