‘American Idol’ Wannabe Leroy Watches From Prison

Viewers of Tuesday’s ‘American Idol’ audition episode from New Orleans were likely drawn to the antics of 23-year-old Leroy Wells of Grand Bay, Alabama. The excitable and incoherent young man with different teeth for TV and for yo mama entertained the judges with unparalleled energy and unintelligible renditions of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Baby, I’ve Got Your Money” and James Brown’s “I Feel Good”. Unfortunately Wells was only able to catch his fleeting fame from the confines of Mobile Metro Jail where he was being held for failing to appear in court on charges related to an incident where he fired a gun into an occupied vehicle and shot a man in the hip. The inmates were allowed to watch Wells’ appearance, and he was able to pay his $12,500 bail the following night.

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