I can’t believe it was almost eight years ago when, during the summer of 1996, I was reading Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movie Preview and I came across the review for ‘2 Days in the Valley‘. It was accompanied by a tiny picture of Charlize Theron in her first movie and I was in love already. A bunch of us boys headed down to the Uptown Theatre to catch it on opening night and the very next day I pounded away on a website – ‘The Unofficial Charlize Theron Website’ – and put it up at the hard to remember (props to for actually having copies of this).

Over the next six years I managed to obtain millions of hits, got mentioned on Live With Regis & Kathy-Lee, and had my biography replicated (usually without permission) worldwide, including the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. I played phone tag with Charlize’s old agent right before she dumped him and never did manage to get in touch in hopes of becoming the official site, and eventually I just got bored of running it. Through those years she released a number of movies, almost all of which left her still a relative unknown.

The few that still didn’t know her after the blockbuster ‘The Italian Job‘ certainly do now after she won the Best Actress Golden Globe last night. If by chance she happens to read this, congratulations, it’s about time. ;)


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