The First 5k

As the weight loss and personal fitness goals continue along I toppled one small goal this past Saturday morning – my first 5k race. At the urging of a good buddy, Clive Cartlidge I had agreed to partake in The Gatehouse 5k – it’s a race for a great cause (please visit their website), and Clive is one of the race directors. Of course, this was back when I was hitting the gym every morning and working myself out, and this has been somewhat lapse lately. Luckily enough I’ve managed to continue making some fitness progress, and although I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do well at all, I decided to go ahead and do it regardless.
My previous best time for 5k in the gym was about 42 minutes, and with all my time off I was setting myself up to be a bit higher than that. What I didn’t figure on was the weather – absolute downpour, torrential at times, that was literally soaking everyone to the bone. It appeared as though we’d all just stepped out of the shower. The other thing I didn’t figure on was the competitive spirit instilled when you race against people of all ages, men and women, and the inner desire to NOT be last.
Out of 103 participants I came in 79th overall – 47/54 for men, and 3/3 for men aged 20-29. Not that great, although I couldn’t expect much for a first try. The more respectable part of this whole thing was my personal time – 30:34, a full 12 minutes better than my previous best. So, while I can feel some sense of accomplishment, I know I’ve got to do better next time. The cool thing is I’ve got the bug, and less than 48 hours later I’m looking to do it again soon. Thanks to Clive for hooking me up, and continuing to be a powerful force in keeping me moving on the road to personal fitness.

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  1. That’s awesome Rick! It’s all about your personal best, and finishing the race :)

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