It’s Not For Girls!

Whilst in London (har! har! he talks English!), as I do during all foreign trips, I stopped by a local variety store to try out a couple weird chocolate bars. I find the sampling of odd bars and beverages to be one of the more enjoyable elements of international travel, and this visit led to one of the stranger product ingestions of my years. I’m hoping a Brit is reading this and can explain exactly why it is the Yorkie bar is, and I quote, “not for girls”. I readily admit to finding this product funny, and it actually tastes quite good too, but why not for girls? For those that don’t trust in my always truthful word I offer this photographic proof:

It's Not For Girls!
Not For Handbags!


4 thoughts on “It’s Not For Girls!

  1. I came across the Yorkie bar last summer. My wife had an allergic reaction to some medication and had to go to the hospital. While waiting for the doctor I checked out there ‘variety’ store. They had all sorts of imported chocolates and one of them was the aforementioned Yorkie bar. I too thought it was pretty funny and bought it.
    Love your comment about checking out the different foods and beverages in different countries is one of the hilights of the trip! I so agree with that. I always make sure to bring back vile stuff for my friend whenever I go overseas or to the US. We always try to outdo each other.
    England by far has the best chocolate. Oh to find a Bar Six by Cadbury again….they stopped making them in Canada around 1985 and I am still ticked! Club Bars are excellent too!

  2. I’ve got one called ‘Double Decker’ from England with the slogan “Big Up Top!”, which also made me laugh. Tasted good too. My collection also includes a Mint Kit-Kat and Cola flavoured Smarties (Canadian Smarties, not American).
    I’ve got Tab X-Tra (the original drink), Coca-Cola Light, Mr. Pibb (slogan: “Put It In Your Head!”), and LOTS more.
    International food and drinks rocks. :)

  3. it’s a promotion they’re doing to sell more yorkies. More blokes now buy them, more girls too. They have really funny poosters up too saying things like “girls, save your money for driving lessons” and “dont feed the birds”
    Zoe (london)

  4. Whoever came up with the idea of “not for girls” is a genious. Not only for comedy values but for the company aswell. Since they have started this campaign the infamous “Yorkie” bar has been a tempting delight for more and more people. What other rapper catches the eye of the consumer so well?
    Im in student residence at Hull University and our vending machine always sells out of yorkies, and i even have “Save you money for driving lessons” over my door.
    I have heard rumours that they are being accused of being sexist! but from what iv seen i have never seen such a comment go down so well with the girls! I dont see them complaining about the insurance company who insures women drivers only. I dont think thats fair but i dont go around complaining!

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