One Strange Christmas

For those of you that enjoy hockey, you best have been looking at one of my other sites, Gaming Jackpots, where I presently hold a 15-day unbeaten streak in picking NHL money games. If you like hockey, and you like betting, why not bet some hockey? :)

Just for fun, I want to try and collect some of the strangest Christmas songs that exist out there. Do you have one handy in MP3, or a suggestion I could attempt to dig up? I think the oddest one I have personally is Henry Rollins doing “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, but I’m sure there must be others. If you’ve got any, either E-mail them to me or just post in comments with a link or suggestion. Let’s see if we can’t make the Christmas post a full downloadable album of oddities?

And now, to close, here’s my little piece on “When Spam Goes Bad”. See, those who’ve e-mailed me off the site know my e-mail address is me@rickjessup, and placing it out here in public means I get added to all sorts of lists by losers who are now rich while those with morals and a general caring of others are stuck being broke. However, because many of you have e-mail addresses of, one particular mass spammer has decided my name is “me”. Not altogether funny, until you read some of the subject lines of recent spam:

Cash for me!
Good news for me!
New concept of giving for me
Information for me
me be lean! fit and young!
me erase incriminating files
me turn back time

Alas, nobody ever accused spammers of being smart..


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