All Work and No Coke make Rick something something

Help me! Help me now!

I need anyone in the GCA (General Canadian Area) to assist me in filling the hole in my 2L Harry Potter Coca-Cola bottle collection. In my infinite wisdom I purchased three of the four bottles and now they appear to be missing. The one I’m missing is Slytherin.

If you haven’t seen these bottles, they’re 2L bottles of Coke with a small white area that displays one of the four Hogwarts schools when placed in the fridge. However, if you hold it perpendicular to light you should be able to make out the school on the bottle. If anyone happens to see one with Slytherin on it I’d be more than willing to pay cost + shipping + effort, or come pick it up if you’re local, and it would make me more than happy. You can even drink the Coke and just give me the bottle.


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