To PC Or Not To PC?

For those outside of the Toronto area, or those here that don’t follow the news, it would appear that some councillors have requested that the Christmas Tree decorated annually at Nathan Phillips Square be renamed a “Holiday Tree”, of course to appease the rights of everyone with a religion.

This, friends, is bull.

At risk of being labeled anything from a racist to an all-around nasty guy, it’s a Christmas Tree. Christmas Trees have been a part of the Christmas celebrations for many, many years. It would make more sense to demand that the tree not be decorated in a Christmasy fashion than it would to rename an existing Christmas tradition to appease those that don’t celebrate that religion.

Political correctness is really starting to get on my last nerve. Has it really done anything to improve our society in general? Do I get upset when people celebrate Hannukah or Ramadan? C’mon, people, we can’t be unreasonable to our fellow man under the guise of being “politically correct”, it’s time to get over yourself. Christmas is Christmas, and a Christmas tree is NOT a Holiday tree – it’s a Christmas tree. Would any of us born-and-bred Christian Canadians expect to go to Israel and demand they cease in celebrating Hannukah? They wouldn’t put up with it, and for once, I commend Mel Lastman for not putting up with this.


4 thoughts on “To PC Or Not To PC?

  1. Holiday Tree!
    I like the idea of calling it a holiday tree. We can go a step farther too. Let’s rename everything related to every faith so nobody ever has to go through the indignity of seeing or hearing something about someone else’s religion, no matter how minor. We can change everything! Mosques are now holding prayers for a “special month”, Synagogues will soon be lighting “seasonal candleabra”, and a month from now, Churches will celebrate “a significant birthday”.
    And while we’re at it, we can undo New Year too, since many religions observe that at different times. We could just have a spattering of days throughout the calendar which are simply marked “annual event for an undisclosed group”.
    Let’s go out and make this world as bland as possible, with nobody outwardly expressing any beliefs, including their own. Yaaay progress!

  2. Hahaha.. you rule, dude! :)
    I had originally typed a “Holiday Candle Stack”/Menorah joke yesterday but thought people would get TOO mad at me.. haha..

  3. Holiday tree indeed.
    I particularly like the comment made by Anita Bromberg from B’nai Brith Canada (That’s a major Jewish organization for those who don’t know): “To take a generic term, slap it on a symbol that really only has significance to one religion… and then say we’re being multicultural does not really fit”

  4. Have you noticed that the new commercials from the coin mint features the song “the 12 days of giving.” Not Christmas. Giving. Who started this PC stuff anyway?

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