MC Rj the Zonkin’ Pimp, Yo!

You may have noticed the Zonkboard has gone out of control for apparently no reason whatsoever. And while the dirty poop that litters the right hand side of my beloved website would seem to occur for no good reason, this is what happens when you group bloggers together. In the old days, geeks in groups discussed D&D and skeleton keys. Nowadays, it’s apparently sex. The reasoning behind all this? I’m now a Zonkin’ Pimp. Check that link out, and have some fun posting messages. They’re all very nice people once you get to know them, even if they seem a bit left of centre right now. ;)

I got the call from The Angry Tomato to come by and help in the kitchen with lunch today, and worked the 12-3 shift. Lots of fun again, I really enjoy making food for people. It’s even cooler when people stick their head in the kitchen and let you know how much they liked it. At least I know I’m producing something edible AND pleasing. I even got to make my own lunch, which ended up being a Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries.

Off to Mom and Dad’s for dinner and the Leafs game. It was my Grandparents for dinner last night. With Mar gone the family is making sure I’m fed and rested I guess. I’ve probably dropped about 5-10 lbs in the last two weeks and my grandfather thought I was “on something” because my eyes were shifty.. hehehe.. I told him I was hooked on Green Tea and Chai Tea, which is true. I can’t get enough of it, but I imagine these levels of caffeine aren’t the best..


4 thoughts on “MC Rj the Zonkin’ Pimp, Yo!

  1. WOw..that’s awesome you got to go work at the Angry Tomatoe again Rick :) Anytime you want to come cook for me, you are MORE than welcome :)

  2. I don’t deliver, though, we’ll have to have a Survivor finale party – cool?

  3. Is the Angry Tomato worth the drive to Bolton?

  4. I think so, but I’m biased. After my cooking school is done (4 more weeks) we should all get together for dinner and Survivor on a Thursday night. They do take out, if need be. Maybe you two CRYPers could car pool.

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