Rick In Vegas II

Well, back to the hotel for a little bit of work. My friends are still out at an unnamed “bar”, so I thought it a great opportunity to hide out, work a bit, update the sites, and watch some TV. Day two of the conference reiterated to me the point that the land-based casinos and game makers are light years ahead of the online people. The games and bonus structures these people are coming up with are amazing – the online folks DESERVE to be tucked away in the back corner. Hopefully they stop whining about that long enough to pay attention to what’s going on around them.

There are a lot of great people here, though, and it’s been a pleasure to meet them. I’ll drop names and links when I get back. It was also great to catch up with a few of my ex-coworkers at Crypto, now moved on. Paul Gragtmans is working with a company that’s doing wireless games and they look 1000X better than they did a couple years ago. These folks are doing some great stuff, I’ll let everyone know about it. The big news coming through my circle of friends and so forth is the appearance of our former COO at CRYP, David Outhwaite, at the DCEG booth. I really enjoyed chatting with him, he seems to have the energy and drive that DCEG needs to take it to the next step. The folks at Odds ON have even released a great new poker product – looks nice.

But y’all are bored of this, right? Vegas is a lot of fun. I did a bit of gambling tonight (with someone else’s money) at the Bellagio. What a sweet place that is. Managed to scored two free Margaritas for my efforts and they were really, REALLY good. I’ve hit them, here (Paris LV), Harrah’s, Bally’s, Treasure Island, and a few others whose names escape me. I’ve also had the buffets at Bellagio and Paris thus far. Can’t wait to show you the view from the room here – right out on the giant Eiffel Tower and a perfect shot of the Bellagio Water Show. Cool. Spent some time the last two days swimming in the pool before work in the afternoon. This IS indeed the life. ;)

Starbucks is still keeping me alive. They can still pump their Chai full of ephedrine here, good for wiring yourself up for conferences. I met Butterbean (the fighter) and Wink Martindale today. Wink is old. His girlfriend is not.

Cheers! (BTW – where are the comments! COMMENTS!!)

3 thoughts on “Rick In Vegas II

  1. The hell to Wink Martindale and where he came from! I knew his LION was fixed on TIC TAC TOE and hated it. Just like Jokers Wild with the damn Devil! HATE HATE HATE.
    Wish I was still there. David Outhwaite with DCEG? Full of vitality and energy? Wow…that’s a lot different than the Crypto days. Good for him! He’s most likely be able to do more things for THAT company.
    Land-based guys are kings. Hopefully, they won’t overwhelm the online guys when the market gets regulated by government — something that simply has to be done if this industry is ever (online) to be taken seriously.
    Keep enjoying the good life while I sweat and toil in nothingness. ;-)

  2. I thought of you, Alex – while the Baywatch girls were feeding me smoothies.. while the girlies were giving me free swag.. i thought of you all by yourself at home with your busted arm. :)
    Told you ya should have come. Hehehe..

  3. You’re pretty evil. The news on the arm is worse than I thought. Outside of the mishap, the nerve is pinched and could be worse. My typing is limited and this has me concerned.

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